We love latex and Oddia is here to make you love it too. Clothing from latex carries sensuality, extravagance, as well as sex. It will give you the pleasant feeling of a second skin, which will hug your own and intimate moments with a loved one will become even more intense and unique.

Latex astonishes with its shine and smoothness and will help you solve choosing an outfit to a party. Become the star of Friday night and show up in latex in places, where no one will be expecting it. Show your environment your sensuality, eccentricity and sense of luxury, which no one can copy so easily.

Oddia, latex clothing from professionals

We are a team of professionals with education in fashion industry fields and we create perfectly fitting latex clothing with emphasis on quality and production detail for you. Latex dresses, underwear from latex and much more from the first pencil stroke on the pattern to your satisfaction. This is Hugo Mode. Your second skin.

Latex clothing is modern, extravagant and distinct alternative clothing for everyone, who loves eccentricity and originality in fashion. Latex fashion immediately captivates with its shine and wows with its colour saturation, but can at the same time be elegant and refined.

The Prague Fetish Weekend festival is coming!

Only a few days left till the gates of Prague Fetish Weekend.

Fashion accessories from PVC

We craft vegan accessories for women and men from firm but soft PVC, which makes truly every outfit special.

Chokers for the neck, harnesses, belts and much more. Handcrafted by us with love in CZ.

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