The choker necklace is a modern fashion accessory, which fits tightly around the neck and, thanks to our continuously expanding offer of designs and colours, adds spice to literally any outfit. All chokers from our workshop are handcrafted by us in the Czech Republic from quality soft but durable PVC and latex - alternative materials, which are suitable even for vegans. We offer a broad range of models - from thin and subtle to wide and massive. Simple designs, as well as chokers with spikes, spiky and extravagant pieces, which will be appreciated at any metal concert or gothic party. During the production of chokers, we pay great attention to detail and quality of processing, but also so that wearing the choker remains comfortable all day. Which is why all chokers from our workshop have cleaned edges, which enables wearing them for long periods of time without the fear of discomfort.

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Neck choker

A neck choker belongs among attractive fashion accessories, which you can easily highlight your style with. We handcraft chokers in our small workshop in Prague from quality and durable materials.

Choker for everyday wear

Chokers from our workshop can be easily worn every day. We use only quality PVC made in Europe, which is dermatologically tested by the National Institute of Public Health, and metal components primarily from Czech companies. During production, we tend to the rounding of all edges to ensure the choker will be comfortable to wear, and also aesthetically attractive. Thanks to a wide selection of colours and designs, a choker will effortlessly find its way even into your closet. Read more about PVC, which we use to craft chokers from. Buy regular chokers.

Subtle choker

We also create thin, subtle chokers with great emphasis on aesthetics and a minimalistic approach, which can be worn with an evening gown or as an accessory for a formal dress code. Have a look at our colour swatch, where you will easily find a colour to match your outfit. Buy subtle chokers.

Choker with spikes

We are not forgetting fans of metal or punk music either, which is why you will also find a wide spectrum of chokers with spikes in our offer. Extreme designs with copious amounts of metal elements and decorations speak to us the most, however we have regular collars with spikes as well. Buy chokers with spikes.

Choker with letters

We handcraft chokers with letters based on your wishes. What better way to let your environment know what you think, than with a big metal sign on your neck. We will create the choker with letters based on your wishes within just a few hours and will dispatch it usually the very same day. What’s more, ordering it could not be easier! All you need to do is fill in the word you want and the number of its letters in the respective field and we will take care of the rest. Order a choker with letters today. Shop chokers with letters.

A thin choker with a big ring
A choker with a moon as an outfit accessory
An extravagant choker with spikes

Choker from PVC

All chokers from our offer are characteristic of the used material, which is suitable even for vegans. We use soft but durable PVC which is dermatologically tested, and latex, which are 100% natural materials. The ecology aspect of our production is very important to us.

Modern accessory

A choker necklace is a very modern fashion accessory to finish your outfit with, whether you’re going out just like that or to a more serious meeting. The shiny surface of the PVC gives it a luxurious and almost futuristic look and it's only up to you, if you pick something subtle, monochrome or an extreme and colourful design.

Leather substitute

PVC serves as a substitute for the traditionally used leather and presents an alternative material, which is pleasant to the touch and quickly and easily adapts to your body temperature. A PVC choker is very comfortable even for everyday wear.

Easy maintenance

PVC is a durable material that doesn’t require any special care. PVC chokers are easily washable with water which makes their maintenance very simple. For heavier dirt, you can use a window cleaning product or any other alcohol-based cleaning product.

How are chokers divided?

A subtle 1 cm wide choker
  • Subtle chokers
  • usually 1 cm wide
  • monochrome, one-layer
  • minimalistically decorated
  • suitable even for formal occasions
  • for everyday wear
  • Browse 1 cm wide chokers
A standard 2 cm wide choker
  • Standard chokers
  • usually 2 cm wide
  • multi-coloured and multi-layered
  • mildly as well as more boldly decorated
  • for everyday wear
  • for social and special occasions
  • Browse 2 cm wide chokers
A distinct 3 cm wide choker
  • Wide chokers
  • usually 3 cm wide
  • multi-coloured and multi-layered
  • tend to be amply decorated with various elements
  • concerts, parties, extravagance
  • everyday wear may be impractical
  • Browse 3 cm wide chokers
An extreme 4 cm wide choker
  • Extreme chokers
  • 4 or more centimetres wide
  • multi-coloured and multi-layered
  • lots of decorative elements
  • various types and colour combinations of metal components
  • for special occasions
  • impractical for daily wear
  • Browse 4 cm and wide chokers

Chokers with colourful metal components

Most of the chokers from our offer are made in various colour versions of the base as well as the fittings. The traditional silver colour of metal elements can seem unnecessarily mundane to many and spicing up the choker with a different colour of fittings is therefore very welcome.

A choker with classic fittings
  • Chokers with silver fittings
  • The traditional colour of metal elements, which you will find on almost every choker. The proven and most sought out version.
A choker with golden fittings
  • Chokers with golden fittings
  • The golden colour has been associated with luxury for centuries. Choose from our large range of chokers with golden fittings and add zest to your outfit, which will be envied by others.
A choker with black fittings
  • Chokers with black fittings
  • Black metal elements are becoming more and more popular. Chokers with these elements can seem dark but also playful based on which base colour you choose.

In case of any questions regarding neck chokers, write us on Messenger, or leave us a message. We will be happy to assist even with picking the right colour, choosing the right size and which choker design will be best for you.

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