Detail of pink latex bows

Black latex is a classic, but did you know

that latex clothing can be colourful? Latex excels in the variety, saturation and distinctiveness of available colours. Therefore we offer most of our latex clothing on a large scale of colour options, which you can easily pick from while shopping. You can also find the PVC colour swatch here, from which we predominantly create chokers, but also other accessories.

Keep in mind that the pictured shades of latex and PVC can differ depending on the calibration of your device. If you wish to be completely sure with choosing the right colour, we offer personal consultations in our workshop in Prague, where you can look directly into our swatch.

Latex colour swatch

Shine at a party or corporate event with a colourful latex dress. The broad colour selection will guarantee you a spot in the centre of attention, regardless of what the theme of the evening will be. Latex sheeting colours are very distinctive and saturated, and it is only up to you, which combination you think of.

Read more about the materials we use. Read more about latex.

Black latex stockings

Black latex

Red latex stockings

Red latex

Wine latex bow

Wine latex

Latex bow in party pink colour

Party pink latex

Pink latex bodysuit

Pink latex

Latex panties in baby pink colour

Baby pink latex

White latex stockings

White latex

Yellow latex dress

Yellow latex

Jade pencil skirt

Jade latex

Turqoise latex gloves

Turquoise latex

Emerald green latex bodysuit

Emerald latex

Sky blue latex skirt

Sky blue latex

Latex dress in royal blue colour

Royal blue latex

Violet latex skirt

Violet latex

PVC colour swatch

Our accessories from PVC will intrigue you with their wide selection of colours, shine and comfort while wearing. Even though this material is firm, it is very soft and thanks to our careful production, it is maximally comfortable even for everyday wearing. The big spectrum of colour shades makes these accessories easily combinable and therefore almost essential for your closet.

Read more about the materials we use. Read more about PVC.

Black choker

Black PVC

Pink choker

Pink PVC

Violet choker

Violet PVC

Wine choker

Wine PVC

Choker in milky white

Milky white PVC

White choker

White PVC

Green choker

Green PVC

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