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Questions and answers about the rebranding from Hugo Mode to Oddia

Why have you renamed yourself?
We were forced to do it under circumstances. You can read more about it on our blog.
I already have a registration with Hugo Mode. How can I log in?
Unfortunately it is necessary to register again. We have used the change to upgrade to a better system and moving our customers’ accounts was sadly not possible.
I have an active order with Hugo Mode. What will happen to it?
The order will be processed and dispatched without a change. You will receive information as per usual from the Hugo Mode email. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to access your order history.
What will happen to my data?
Hugo Mode has been fully renamed and the proprietor remains the same. More information can be found on our privacy policy page.
There is an error on your website, where can I report it?
You can write us an email at store@weareoddia.com or call us at +420 731801413. We will be happy to help.
I have further questions, where can I turn to?
You can write us an email at store@weareoddia.com or call us at +420 731801413. We will be happy to help.

Common frequently asked questions

How much is delivery? Do you deliver worldwide?
We deliver worldwide with a few minor exceptions. Detailed information and prices can be found on the page pricing and delivery options.
The size doesn’t fit me. What can I do?
We will help you find a solution. We cover this topic on the page repairs and exchanges.
Can I pay with cash on delivery or after receiving my commission?
We offer cash on delivery only for orders up to 3000 CZK. More about payment options can be found on the page pricing and delivery options.
Can I shoot with you?
Information for photographers and models can be found on our career page.
Can I get it for free? Cooperation? Collab?
We do not accept collaboration offers, which include discounts or our products for free.
Can I have something you’ve designed for me made by a different designer?
Even an unrealised design from our workshop is our copyrighted work and intellectual property. If you have us create a design for you during a consultation and then based on that approach a different manufacturer, we will regard it as intellectual property theft.
Can I borrow latex or accessories from you?
No. We do not lend or rent out our products.
Can you send me the pattern you’ve created after finishing a bespoke order?
No. The creation of a perfectly fitted pattern is a highly professional process and getting our know-how and patterns is not possible.
Can you please send me my measurements?
Sadly not. Perfect measuring is part of our know-how and is necessary for creating a perfectly fitting pattern. We do not offer body measuring as a separate service.
Can I get a photo from the production process? Have you already finished it?
We do not provide photos from the creation processes. We are a small team in a small workshop and taking photos of each order or subsequent distribution is unfortunately not within our power.
How much does bespoke production cost?
The price of bespoke production depends on many factors and a universal answer to this question doesn’t exist. We are able to tell you the rough price estimation once we’ve received at least a detailed description of what we will be making.

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