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Taking care of latex clothing is easy

There are plenty of complicated latex care procedures on the internet. But which is the right one? Here we offer you a complete and simple guide on how to take care of latex clothing, including descriptions of common mistakes and answers to frequently asked questions from professionals in the production of latex clothing, as well as long-time users. If you want to enjoy your latex clothes and accessories for as long as possible, you need to take proper care of them.

beGLOSS polish set with polish and wipes

Basic care of latex

  • You will damage your latex clothes if you expose them to:
    • Organic fat. Latex reacts to contact, becomes very brittle quickly and tears. This mainly includes non-silicone oils, petroleum jelly, coconut oil, butter etc.
    • Soft silicone products, which react very similarly to organic fat. These are soft plastic dildos, masturbators, and other toys.
    • Metal objects, mainly colored metal, which leave indelible stains on light latex. This does not affect black latex at all. These are coins, metal buttons and other metal elements.
  • Do not expose your latex clothes to sunlight for a long time - colors may fade or darken.
  • Dry latex at room temperature. Do not dry latex near a heat source, in the sun, or in a draft. Heat deforms latex, draft dries it out.
  • When wearing, watch out for edges, chipped nails, and jewelry. Latex is fragile and easily tears.
  • Always dress into latex after washing. There may be impurities on your body that will create stains on light latex.
  • Avoid cheap latex care substitutes such as baby oils and powders, and use only branded products designed for this fragile material.
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How to take care of latex clothing

Your package has arrived

We deliver the latex treated with latex powder. Therefore it has a matte, grayish color and it may dust slightly when unpacked. The latex is thus prepared for you to try on. DO NOT POLISH the latex. If necessary, apply only more powder and try on the size, to see if everything fits you well. If you have any doubts, write to us. We will be happy to advise you, or exchange the product for a different size. Polished latex clothing cannot be returned or exchanged for hygiene reasons.

Greyish-white traces of powder on your garment will completely disappear after a few wash and polish cycles, usually after the first one. You can find information about exchanges and returns on the repairs, exchanges and complaints page.

How to clean and wash latex

Before the first use, we recommend washing latex. This will remove any excess powder and dirt, making polishing easier and more effective. For best results, we recommend washing with laundry detergents intended for latex, which will ensure 100% compatibility with this material and safe use. A selection of these products can be found in our category washing and cleaning latex clothing. Never use common soaps, shampoos, etc. for washing - these products often contain oils and other ingredients that can irreversibly damage your latex.

Wash latex manually in warm water (30 °C). Laundry detergents for latex are added in the ratio of 15 ml per 5 L of water during washing, but always read the attached leaflet, which can adjust this information. Do not scrub latex when washing, just lightly rinse it and rub it in your hands. To remove mechanical impurities, you can use a gentle cloth, but avoid using dish sponges, etc. Then rinse the product thoroughly with clean water, preferably in the shower.

You can now let your latex dry or proceed to the next step and polish it immediately. Dry latex at room temperature. Do not dry in a draught, near a heat source or in the sun.

TIP | For faster drying, we recommend patting the latex after showering. We wash and polish latex in IKEA boxes, which can be easily filled, emptied, and cleaned.

How to polish latex

Polishing latex is similar to washing it, except instead of laundry detergent, you add latex polish to the water. Submerge the product into clean warm water (30 °C) with a small amount of polish, which is added in the ratio of 15 ml to 5 L. Now rinse the latex in the water and gently rub it in your palms. Do not scrub the latex.

By polishing in this water bath method, you will achieve perfect spreading of the polish over the entire surface of your latex piece and thus achieve the desired effect. Moreover, you can apply this polish immediately after washing - there is no need to wait until the latex is dry. We offer a wide range of polishes suitable for polishing in a water bath in our range. Check out our category latex polishes, where you will find polishes suitable for the described type of polishing as well as polishes for direct polishing. These two polishing methods differ in that one type of polishes has an applicator (pump or sprayer) and the other one does not. Polishes without a pump or sprayer are suitable for polishing in a water bath.

Direct polishing of latex clothing is a method where you apply the polish directly to the surface of the latex using a spray or pump and just rub it in. This method does not necessarily require previous washing or a water bath, but in this case, the results of this type of polishing are not as stunning. Only by combining both of the mentioned methods will you achieve breathtaking mirror effects, which contribute significantly to the attractiveness of latex clothing. We recommend first a water bath and then direct polishing after dressing.

To simplify the entire process, we have prepared starter kits for latex clothing care, which contain everything you need for perfect polishing of your latex.

Storage and Preservation

Store latex clothing and aids in a dark, dry place. Garments like latex dresses, etc. on plastic hangers, in garment bags and smaller items or aids in boxes so that the latex is not crumpled, nor burdened, and has plenty of space. Always store latex clean, dry, washed, and polished or powdered.

Whether to powder or polish the latex before storage is a matter of personal preference. Both methods are absolutely fine, but if the latex is polished, it is ready for further use, and its polishing to perfection does not take much time. In case of powder for latex, this is of course not the case, but powdered latex has the advantage of being antistatic and nothing sticks to it - not even tiny dust particles.

TIP | We store polished latex if we expect to use it again soon. We store long-term stored models and thematic outfits that we use only occasionally powdered.

Comfortable Dressing

Dress in latex clothing on clean dry skin - we recommend a thorough shower before dressing, before which you should remove all metal chains, watches and jewellery. If you wear latex in a colour other than black, we recommend you take out, or cover piercings, if you have any, with a plaster. Do not apply deodorant, perfume, moisturiser or any other type of personal product of this type to yourself. You can make dressing easier with powder for latex, or a liquid dressing aid. Check out our portfolio of these products in the category help with dressing in latex.

When dressing, be careful with your nails to avoid tearing and do not stretch the latex at the very edge or cat ears on the hood and so on.

TIP | When using a liquid assistant on stockings, you will need a latex garter belt, otherwise your stockings will slide down after this lubricant. For gloves, for the same reason, we recommend only using powder for latex.

How to wear latex properly

Latex is a fragile material and we recommend taking extra care when wearing it. Pay attention to where you sit, what you lean against and who rubs against you. Watch out for rough surfaces that may cause cracks and abrasions when rubbed against latex (carpets, tiles, etc.).

You can polish latex anytime during wear. Either classically, with a polish that has a pump or sprayer, or with single-use polishing wipes.

TIP | For fetish parties, we recommend fingerless latex gloves, which make it easier to hold a glass, operate a phone, and overall comfort.

Taking off latex clothing

After use, latex must be washed immediately. You can go directly into the shower in latex and you can undress it while showering - the running water will make it easier for you. Thoroughly wash the latex with warm water after undressing, then you can wash and polish it again, or powder it. If you transport latex and get dressed somewhere other than the comfort of home, plastic bags or sacks are ideal, but latex should not stay in them for long. Sweaty and used latex that has been sealed for a long time in a plastic bag can easily become moldy and absorb an odor that will no longer be removed from it.

Care for your latex regularly after each use, and it will last as new for many years.

TIP | Be careful of slipping in the shower after a strenuous evening. Bathroom tiles in combination with polishes and lubricants can be an unpleasant combination.

How to wear latex properly?

Confidently! Let latex clothing highlight your shapes, underline your curves, and firm your figure. Show your confidence to everyone around you.

We recommend wearing latex on bare skin. Although you may have underwear under it, anything you put under it will show up on it. Latex is also very pleasant on bare skin. The tight fit of the garment gives you a second skin feeling and the shine clearly signals how sexy you are. Check out our category of latex lingerie, where you will surely find something to complete your outfit.

Also wear latex with a certain amount of caution - although the material is durable, it is still a very thin and fragile piece of luxury clothing. You can read about what to watch out for above, in the section how to care for latex clothing.

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Latex care products

Laundry detergents for latex clothing

How to clean and wash latex

  • Latex should be washed by hand only in warm water (30 °C)
  • Only use branded gel detergents intended for latex when washing
  • Do not use traditional soaps, shampoos, shower gels etc.
  • Wash latex gently - no scrubbing or felting
  • Do not iron latex
  • You can remove mechanical impurities with a gentle cloth during the washing process
  • Dry latex in a dark place at room temperature. Never in the sun, draft or near a heat source
  • Always follow the instructions in the how to care for latex clothing section

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use baby powder or baby oil?
Baby powders and oils may contain ingredients that unfortunately irreversibly damage latex. Avoid cheap alternatives and we recommend not listening to neighborly advice in this regard. Always use quality latex care products, which ensure safe use.
Can I wash latex with soap or shower gel?
Similar to baby oils and powders, shower gels, soaps, shampoos, and other means of this type are not intended for latex and can potentially damage your latex. Latex is a delicate material and in terms of its care, we recommend avoiding cheap substitutes and neighborly advice. Always use high-quality latex care products to ensure that you can enjoy your latex for as long as possible.
Can I wash latex in cold water?
If the water is just lukewarm or even cold, the effect of washing and polishing will not be perfect and the latex will not look clean or nice. Latex is rubber and is more pliable in heat and rigid in the cold. For polishing and washing, you definitely want warm water. We recommend 30 °C.
Can I store latex in plastic bags?
We recommend storing clothes like latex dresses and catsuits on hangers in garment bags. They can of course be plastic, but be careful that your latex is not damp when stored - there is a risk of mold. When storing latex, we recommend ensuring your piece has enough space, fold it and do not put anything on it to avoid creases and excessive crumpling. For example, a latex catsuit in a small plastic bag that you use once every six months will probably bear signs of excessive crumpling and will not look nice at all. Hangers, boxes and large plastic bags or bags are perfectly fine.
Can I wash latex in the washing machine?
We strongly recommend sticking to hand washing only. Latex is a delicate material and washing it in a machine exposes it to unnecessary stress.
How long will my latex last?
With proper care, latex will last you many years. Our experience suggests that latex clothing lasts for about 8 years with average frequency of use before the latex starts losing its natural properties, but with the right care, it can last even longer. After long-term use, latex becomes less flexible, it doesn't shrink back into shape well and its surface starts to become extremely brittle. But, brand-name latex care products are getting better every day and with the right approach, your latex will surely last a long time.
Can I go in a pool with latex on?
Yes! While we don't recommend staying in the water extremely long, the water itself won't harm the latex. Whether it's a latex catsuit or a body, feel free to swim in it. On the other hand, sea water is problematic - salt can damage the structure of your latex and can affect the delamination of some seams.
Do people sweat in latex? And what about odor?
Latex is an impermeable material, so of course people sweat under it, but your sweat does not get exposed to air and so it's nothing more than a bit of moisture, which doesn't smell. If you're worried about sweating, we recommend going for an outfit that has sufficient ventilation. For example, our latex dress with a bow, which has a completely open back for exactly this reason.
beGLOSS Latex Care Starter Kit containing everything from polish to washing powder

Tips and tricks

How much polish

Standardly, for polishing in a water bath, it's advised to use 15 ml per 5 L of water. If you don't have a measuring cup, there's nothing stopping you from applying by eye, but remember it's always less than you think. Drip a little bath and mix the latex - if it's not enough, you can add more. However, if you pour too much oil into the bath, your latex will be messy and it will not be possible to polish it perfectly. But of course, you can't harm it that way.

We wash at 30 °C

Lukewarm, warm, or hot water? When washing latex, we recommend using warm water, not lukewarm. Polish and latex simply yield better results in warmer water. But be careful not to make the water too hot!

What latex care to start with?

If you are getting, for example, just a piece of latex lingerie, you won't need much. Opt for ordinary latex polish, which we offer in very small amounts of 25 and 50 ml. You will manage with it at the beginning. Always wash latex immediately after use in clean water and everything will be fine. Of course, we also sell branded starter kits where you will find products for luxury latex care, but we would recommend these only to those who have more latex, or are buying, for example, a latex catsuit.

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