Latex clothing

Latex clothing

Latex clothing from our workshop will fit you perfectly and give you the true flawless feeling of your second skin. We create precisely crafted original as well as regular latex clothes with emphasis on quality and detail in a way that they’ll last for a long time. Elegant latex dresses, extravagant and fun designs which will add spice to every party, and latex underwear for intimate moments with your close ones and much more. We also have many years of experience in creating latex costumes for theatres, performers from the burlesque and drag scenes, actors and singers. We handcraft everything in the Czech Republic with love towards this exotic material. Latex clothing brings us joy and thanks to our education in the fashion industry, which is simultaneously also our hobby, we can guarantee perfectly fitting models with added aesthetic value.

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Latex fashion

Latex as a clothing material often gets shoved to the back due to the ingrained societal stereotypes and associations. There is however no doubt about this material’s attractiveness and that too might be the reason why clothing from latex is appearing more and more frequently in public on the red carpet as well as in collections and fashion shows of world-famous designers. For us, latex clothing is an expression of extravagance and self-confidence and we don’t believe that it should only belong in our bedrooms or in films for adults.

Latex dresses

Dresses from latex are a clear sign of latex clothing not only being extravagant, but also elegant and subtle. Whether you’re looking for tight or loose-fitting latex dresses, you’ve come to the right place.

Latex skirts

Skirts from latex are thanks to the boldness of the material’s colours very playful, easily combined with clothing even from conventional materials and thanks to easy dressing suitable even for beginners. Regardless of whether we’re talking about a latex pencil skirt for women, or a latex kilt for men.

Latex lingerie

Underwear from latex is one of the first gateway things for customers to get into the world of latex. It’s put on easily, has a friendly price and thanks to the ingrained stereotypes, it carries a certain erotic and exciting aspect, which is appreciated by men as well as women. Latex lingerie can’t substitute lingerie from common materials with functionality, but can become the base for the dress code to a fetish night, themed meet-up or just an accessory for pleasant moments spent with a partner. In our store, you’ll find latex panties in regular cuts, as well as men’s latex briefs or boxers, but also garter belts, high-waisted latex panties and much more.

A girl in a black latex jacket and panties
A girl in a black latex dress
Girls in turqoise latex bodysuits

Latex bodysuits

A bodysuit from latex is comfortable and thanks to the properties of latex it’ll always hug you perfectly like a second skin and will give you a pleasant constricting feeling. Latex bodysuits carry a certain erotic aspect, same as latex underwear. They can become a base for the dress code to a fetish night, themed party or meet-up, or an outfit for a nice evening in the intimate sense.

Latex gloves

Gloves from latex are a pleasant accessory to almost any latex clothing, but they will find their use even on their own. Thanks to the broad offer of lengths and types, you can easily create a subtle impression for example in combination with a latex dress, or almost any latex bodysuit. There is no bigger classic than a tight black latex dress with long latex gloves. However, we also offer short latex gloves or even fingerless ones with many decorative elements. Everyone will get to choose.

Latex stockings

Same as latex gloves, latex stockings are a very sought-after accessory. You can easily complete your latex outfit with them and achieve a perfect compact look, but nothing is holding you back from using them even without any further pieces of latex clothing. You can of course attach even classic stockings to a latex garter belt, but everything looks just so much better with latex ones. Latex stockings are a highly universal piece of clothing, which can be used in a variety of ways thanks to the selection of types and lengths.

Latex clothing for beginners

Putting on latex clothing comes with a whole array of instructions, advice, but also myths, which can easily deter beginners from getting their first latex clothing. Even though it is necessary to keep in mind that putting on latex differs a lot from getting dressed in regular clothes, it’s nothing you can’t overcome. If you are still vary of putting on latex, we recommend you start with products from the imaginary categories for beginners. Those are mostly sections with latex lingerie and latex skirts. If you don’t have any experience with latex, we offer not only products in these categories that are easy to put on, but are also at a very friendly price. You can always reach out to us with additional questions.

Latex care

Polishing agent for latex clothing
Detergent for latex clothing
Powder for latex for easy dressing of latex clothing

How long does latex last?

Latex clothing lasts many years with proper care. Its longevity is determined by how often you wear it, how often and well you take care of it and how you store it. It is a fine and naturally vulnerable material, whose lifespan can really be prolonged with correct care. Read how to properly care for latex clothing on our page with latex care.

Latex care is easy

Proper latex care is easy and you will manage even from home. Latex is washed by hand with the use of special products and is stored in dark places. Special polishing agents are being used for its polishing, which adds to its visual attractiveness. Always keep in mind that it is a very fine and vulnerable material and treat it accordingly.

Latex care products

Powder for latex and polishing agent for latex are the two most basic products, which you can find anywhere. Among luxurious products from beGLOSS for the best care of latex clothing, you will find different types of polishing agents, detergent and even a microfibre cloth for proper polishing, and everything else you could potentially need. Take a look at our category with latex care products.

Dress code

Dress code for a fetish night

Parties and themed evenings for latex clothing enthusiasts, or fetish nights, are being held all over the world. In our online store, you can easily find everything you might need to fit in. We offer latex clothing for women and men, beginners and experienced. With us, you can effectively fulfill the whole dress code to a themed event for a friendly price.

Dress code to a Halloween Party

Latex clothing will easily become the base of your costume for a Halloween party. In combination with accessories from our online store, which can be for example chokers, or the bolder and more extravagant fashion harnesses, you certainly won’t get lost. Imagine them for instance on our simple latex dress.

Dress code to a gothic party

Is there even something more goth than black latex? Show up to a gothic party with latex from our workshop and become the centre of attention. Take a look for example at our category with latex dresses.

Size chart

Choosing the right size of latex clothing is very important. The latex has to hug you tightly and well like a second skin without being too constricting or uncomfortable. You can find the respective size chart on every product page. Simultaneously, we have prepared a section on our website for you, where you can find all types and versions of charts, which we use for every piece of latex clothing in our offer.Go to the size charts page.

In the case of any questions about latex clothing or the production from latex, message us via the online chat or contact form. We will be happy to help you with choosing the right colour from our colour swatch, picking the right size, and advise which type of latex clothing will be the most suitable for you.

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