A latex miniskirt in black colour.
A latex miniskirt in black colour - view of the back
A latex miniskirt in black colour - front view.

Latex miniskirt

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When will you get this product?

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Icon of approval - medalMasterfully made in the Czech Republic

Icon of unisex - venus and marsUnisex. Suitable for everyone.

The latex miniskirt is the base of any true latex closet. It’s 25 cm long and features only a 4 cm wide waistband. The skirt is single-coloured and beside the mentioned “band” completely seamless. It’s a very bold piece of latex clothing.

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Option for custom production in additional colors. Colour swatch Choosing made-to-measure doubles production time. Instructions on next steps will be emailed after payment.

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    In our humble opinion, there is no greater classic than a latex miniskirt. Easy handling, dressing, and practicality make this product the ideal choice for beginners just discovering the world of latex clothing, as well as for professionals and long-time admirers. Moreover, thanks to a wide range of colors, pairing this skirt with other pieces of your outfit will be a breeze. Whether you want to daringly wear it as part of your everyday outfit where no one would expect you in latex or, for example, to a party.

    The skirt is 25 cm long and its upper edge is trimmed with a so-called waistband - a 4 cm wide strip of latex. Apart from this collar, the skirt is seamless and smooth. You can wear the skirt at your waist, even with its length, although it will find its place more on your hips. It's up to you how much you decide to show.

    To achieve the wow effect, we recommend pairing this miniskirt with latex lingerie from our workshop. If you long for the same but longer skirt, the standard Latex circle skirt is right for you. We also offer a latex skirt to the knees for those of you looking for something extravagant but at the same time more modest.

    Latex thickness
    0.40 mm
    in the Czech Republic

    Caring for your toys, latex clothing and BDSM equipment is extremely important to ensure their longevity and your health, so that you can enjoy them as long as possible.

    Latex Care

    Keep your latex clean. After each use, wash it immediately and treat the washed latex with a latex polishing agent or powder. Store latex in a dark place, preferably in a protective cover. Follow the rules of proper latex care, which we detail on our latex care page, where you will find all our tips and tricks.

    PVC Care

    The solid PVC that we use to produce not only BDSM accessories and add-ons is very durable. You can wash it with any alcohol-based product - for example, a window cleaner. PVC is only susceptible to scratches and slight color changes over the years in non-black shades. Metal parts can rust when exposed to moisture for a long time. Store the products in a dark place.

    Care for Toys and Accessories

    The care process for other accessories varies depending on the material. Use only water-based lubricating gels on silicone toys and unless otherwise stated, disinfect before and after each use. Clean the toys thoroughly after each fun session and pay attention to proper hygiene during intimate moments. Store the toys separately in a dark place and make sure they do not touch each other.

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