Women's latex sets

Woman's latex sets

Latex sets are full latex outfits, which don’t need to be finished off with anything else to create the perfect illusion of compactness. We offer sets of latex clothing from our workshop for a discounted price, as well as themed, multi-part sets with an array of accessories. In this category, you can find latex dresses combined with stockings, gloves and other decorations and accessories, as well as simple, two-part sets consisting for example of just a top and skirt. Are you looking for a suitable dress code for a party, but don’t know how to build a whole outfit? The category with latex sets is here for you. We craft these sets with great attention to aesthetic and completion, so that the whole latex outfit will work on its own without the need for any other things. However it’s only up to you, whether you decide to accessorize your outfit with anything else.

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