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About latex

Latex has been used in the making of various things for a few hundred years already thanks to its properties. The first use in the clothing industry dates back to the late nineteenth century, where through its use the first raincoat was born. This means that nowadays we all see latex almost on a daily basis without even realising it, but it wasn’t until recently that even luxurious clothing from this material has started to appear on catwalks of famous designers, in music videos by popular artists, and in videos of diverse influencers. It has long stopped being true that latex clothing only belongs in fetish clubs and dark torture chambers. Clothing from latex can look luxurious, extravagant, as well as subtle, and on top of that latex is natural - it is therefore a sustainable material.

Trees producing latex

What is latex?

Latex is a liquid, which is being naturally produced by certain plants and trees. It makes for the base ingredient for the production of many rubber products such as medical tools, tires, examination gloves, condoms and last but not least latex sheeting or “fabric” for the production of latex clothing.
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How is latex sewn?

Latex is basically a type of rubber “fabric”. Same as for example satin or cotton, but with very different properties and structure. It is characterised by high elasticity and softness and unlike conventional textiles it is not sewn, but glued with the help of special glue. The production of clothing from latex is difficult in many aspects and it’s necessary to stick to the exact technical steps.

A girl in a black latex dress.

How to care for latex clothing?

Latex is a naturally sensitive material and the clothing from it is therefore more prone to damage. It will last you for many years with the proper care. Read more about how to properly care for latex clothing.

About latex clothing

Latex clothing is attractive and distinct and will astonish you with the feeling of a second skin which it creates. Regardless of whether you’re looking to spice up moments with your partner with latex lingerie, or becoming the centre of attention and the star of every party, latex is a safe bet. Latex fashion immediately draws in with its shine, but can at the same time be very elegant and refined.

We will not claim that latex is suitable for everyday wear, but at the right time at the right place, you certainly won’t get overlooked in it. On top of that, it also looks amazing in combination with conventional clothing.

Latex clothing has unique properties, which play a big part in its popularity. Latex acts on the body like second skin and most people find the feeling of it very pleasant. It will hug you tightly, highlight your shape and give you a pleasant firm feeling. On the other hand, looser latex clothing creates thanks to the natural properties of the material airy frills. Its shiny surface guarantees attractivity and is highlighted with a special latex polishing agent.

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